24th April 2015 A day of Disaster

Date: 2015/4/26

It’s 8  at morning and my eyes are getting heavier. I hear birds chirping and gossip of people. I have not slept this night. I feel so confused about my life under these circumstances. I used to think that my life was hard to live but it’s nothing compared to this moment. The moment when your existence is in doubt, the moment you think nothing but the one you care and yourself.

25 April 2015 was the black day. The tremor of 7.9 magnitudes struck nearly and brought apocalypse here. Who would have thought that this would happen which spares us with many corpses and crippled within few seconds?

It was a sunny day, I can feel that time. I was heading towards Freak Street and suddenly that tremor came like a big monster. For approximately 54 sec it lasted.  I have not seen anything before as I saw what had happened in between those 54sec. I am going to tell my experience of that dark day. About a minute before I was walking through narrow Galli. Then I crossed the busy road. But as soon as I reached pavement along the bishnumati river. I felt numb around my legs and I felt as if the land was uplifting me. I didn’t realize that it was the earthquake for some seconds. After that I lost my balance, I hold the pole and duck. And I saw that disastrous view….

I saw zigzag view for the world that I live in.  Few quick devastating glances had made my heart frightened. I saw top floor house begin ruin, biker started to plunged out from their bike, the tears of fears and smile of confusion that “Is this really happening?” scattered in me and  I  literally prayed for god when I encountered the ground beneath me begin to crack  thoroughly.First thing, which pops in my head when I saw that,was “I’m going to die (but not today)”……………………. I termed it as opti-pessimistic feeling. Hopefully, 54 sec of tragedy gradually decreased I got up to see around I saw huge dust over the sky. That day my mom was where I was heading and dad was at home. I got into a serious dilemma. And I returned to my home check if everything was ok. Now, the next big problem is how my mom is. I was unable to call because of the network error. I tried as much as I could and finally, I call her. Thank god she is ok. This was a big relief to me.

Sweat was dripping from my face, hunger was pinching my stomach. I probably had my lunch around 3.30 pm. Or was it snacks. I got filled that stomach.

Meanwhile, my dad was telling me his experience and it was pretty much horror. He was sitting in kitchen chair placed on the opposite corner from the door. There was a wooden plate or something perhaps, thick plywood leaning in between the door and wall. When that jolt had occurred, it threw off many vases on the roof of the house he was scared and run off sudden the thick plywood closes the door as ghost pushing it making him more frightened.  However, he didn’t panic and sat under the door frame.

The aftershocks continued were very powerful that day. I felt as if I’m in the movie, where all people will be eventually dead. In fact, my vision was inflicting the effects that those movie director set in the movie to make it more thrilling which by the way in real life is not good.

The sun was setting; all the people were busy to find a place to sleep or probably just to lie down. So I carried a mat and pillow with my dad under the sky. And we talked while I realize I always want to lay down under the sky gazing at stars, so I felt joy. It was nearly impossible for me to sleep because I am a night owl; I need perfect temperature and very quiet place. There were dozen people snoring so I just closed my eyes when it got heavy. And I don’t know when I feel asleep.




    Ascertaining what I want and how I want it to have never been too easy. A blur patterns of direction without destiny can’t be imaged in thoughts. Though I’m insisting myself be a person who only doesn’t find the way but also knows what is he destined to and the probability of getting it. Indeed I rather give everything to achieve it. But the world and its complexity have made path invisible untraceable and even impossible to most people. It takes your blood, sweat, and tears to reach there. Have you ever been awake in the middle of the sea where all around you see is nothing but sea and you may feel like this is the right direction to go and it turns out to be pointless. Thus, not knowing anything and still carrying on has deadly consequences.

In my view, we have got two eye one that sees negativity another that search for positive aspect. We are always seeking for fame, aren’t we? So success is what we need for fame. And not to mention consistent with restless effort is also required. There is a saying “one shall get as much as he gave“.