Ascertaining what I want and how I want it to have never been too easy. A blur patterns of direction without destiny can’t be imaged in thoughts. Though I’m insisting myself be a person who only doesn’t find the way but also knows what is he destined to and the probability of getting it. Indeed I rather give everything to achieve it. But the world and its complexity have made path invisible untraceable and even impossible to most people. It takes your blood, sweat, and tears to reach there. Have you ever been awake in the middle of the sea where all around you see is nothing but sea and you may feel like this is the right direction to go and it turns out to be pointless. Thus, not knowing anything and still carrying on has deadly consequences.

In my view, we have got two eye one that sees negativity another that search for positive aspect. We are always seeking for fame, aren’t we? So success is what we need for fame. And not to mention consistent with restless effort is also required. There is a saying “one shall get as much as he gave“.


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